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3 thoughts on “Toronto Comic Jam – June 2014 – Page 0

  1. Hey there Thomas, how difficult would it be to incorporate “Disqus” to your website? You know, so that we can sign in using our other online profiles like facebook and linked in? pretty hard huh? I expect there’d be a charge as well.

    also, I noticed you aren’t using links to Issuu anymore for the jam books. Would you like me to send you the raw TCJ files for you to upload? Might save time.

    Otherwise, good luck on this Herculean task of yours.


    David B

  2. Hi Guys

    I’m surprised to see a crop of my May 2014 Jam Book cover art on this site, looking as if I had submitted as a logo contest entry. I chose not to enter the contest. I am flattered that the Jam deemed it “logo worthy” worthy 🙂 but I would feel more comfortable if it was removed from this section since I did not enter it in the contest.


    Mark Corbet 🙂

    1. No worries, Super8. 🙂

      Joined the Jam this May and am enjoying it very much.
      So many different ages and personalities and yet everyone is so encouraging to one another—connected by a common love for cartooning. Have already made some new friends (which to my mind is among the Jam’s greatest raison d’êtres). 🙂

      Very much appreciate all the time and effort you guys put into providing such a fun and unique experience for us all. 🙂

      Mark 🙂

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